Angular basics

Do you want to jump on the Angular train, but you don't know where to start? This brew only takes one day of the attendee its time and teaches the most important basics of Angular. After this workshop the attendee should know how to create a real application in Angular.

This course tackles the following subjects:

  • Typescript
  • Angular Components and directives
  • Angular Modules
  • Angular Forms
  • Angular Routing
  • Angular Services and DI
  • Change detection
  • Authentication
  • Angular
  • Typescript

This course gives the attendee everything to get started with Angular. This is NOT an advanced workshop where the attendee will learn every pitfall and feature of Angular. We have carefully selected the different parts that every developer should know to get started with Angular and start building awesome applications.

This course requires some foreknowledge. The attendee should know the following technologies:

  • Git
  • Javascript